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Chalkable Tutorial

Chalkable Tutorial:


1.     Login to INOW/ Chalkable

2.     Click Chalkable at the top right of screen

3.     Feed:

a.     This is similar to a To-Do List

b.     You can click the Flags (turn Gold) as you complete items

4.     Attendance:

a.     To Post Attendace:

                                               i.     Click on desired class at the top of screen

                                              ii.     The default is “Present” (many options to choose from)

                                            iii.     Chalkable tells you if a student was absent yesterday with a clock by their name

b.     Seating Chart:

                                               i.     Click Seating Chart

                                              ii.     Click Create Grid

                                            iii.     Select desired dimensions

                                            iv.     Click Save

                                              v.     Click Add Students

                                            vi.     Drag and drop students into desired location

                                           vii.     Click Save

                                         viii.     You can take attendance from the Seating Chart


5.     New Item: (set up categories similar to INOW at the beginning of the year)

a.     Choose Lesson Plan

                                               i.     Title the Lesson Plan

                                              ii.     Select the desired category

                                            iii.     Choose State and End Dates (times to be provided in the Summer Release)

                                            iv.     Show Advanced Options (Hide from Students)

                                              v.     You may type a description in the box provided

                                            vi.     Click Attach

1.     You may upload files from your computer/cloud/drive

2.     You may use files that have already been uploaded (can keep files from year to year)

                                           vii.     Click Add Attribute (drop down menu of options like in INOW)

                                         viii.     Click Submit

b.     Choose grades

                                               i.     Enter Due Date

                                              ii.     Enter Max Score

                                            iii.     You may add a description in the box provided

                                            iv.     Click Show Advanced Options to select multipliers, add points, etc.)

                                              v.     You may Add Attributes as in INOW if desired.



6.     Grades:

a.     From this screen, you will be able to see the class mean, the top three students, and the bottom three students.

b.     By clicking on the class, you can see further details just like INOW’s Gradebook or Grade Center on BlackBoard.

7.     Calendar:

a.     If you look at today’s date, there is a dot to show that a graded item will take place on that day (Coach Stewart set up final exams)

b.     Click on a date to add a new item to the calendar (students will see)

8.     Discipline:

a.     We may or may not have access to this feature

9.     Messages:

a.     Click New Message to begin message to a student or group of students

10. People:

a.     This is where to find students, contact info, schedule, attendance, discipline, send message to student, etc.

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