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INow for Teachers Help Document

INow Help

iNOW STI  for Teachers



Daily Activities




•œ        Select Classroom

•œ        Click on Attendance

•œ        Choose the course section to be opened

•œ        Check next to student that is missing

•œ        Select missing (Dot)(at the top)

•œ        Make sure all other students have a check mark before posting (Top left)

•œ        Post



•œ        Select Classroom

•œ        Choose Grading Period (hit refresh if necessary)

•œ        Click Course Section number


Option (Defaults) for Gradebook

•œ        Go to Manage on the left side

•œ        Click on Options

•œ        Check - View by Descending

•œ        Check - Display Student Averages

•œ        Check - Display Maximum Score

•œ        Average Method - Category Points

•œ        Students Sort By - Students Display Name

•œ        Standards Calculate Rule - Current Grading Period

•œ        Standards Calculate Method - Averaging


Create Categories for Gradebook

•œ        Go to Manage on the left side

•œ        Click Categories

•œ        Click Add (blue plus)

•œ        Create category hit OK

•œ        Continue until you are done

•œ        Click Cancel to close window

•œ        Click Close to get back


To Enter Grades: Use the Plan tab at the top

•œ        Click Plan tab at the top

•œ        Click Add (blue plus sign)

•œ        Add Date (... gives you a calendar)

•œ        Choose Category

•œ        Check Visible in Home Portal

•œ        Activity Name: What is to be Graded

•œ        Total: Most points possible for this assignment

•œ        Weight Multiplier - 1.0

•œ        Weight Addition - 0

•œ        Click Create

•œ        ** If you are adding a Lesson Plan for this, do it here under the tabs (Standards, Objectives, etc)

•œ        ** If not adding a Lesson Plan, Click OK

•œ        Go to Scores Tab at the top

•œ        Enter Grades

•œ        Recalculate


To Fill a Score Column

•œ        Put in a score for the first student

•œ        Push the down arrow to go to the second student

•œ        Right click -Fill




Miscellaneous Activities


To Create a Worksheet

•œ        Click Classroom

•œ        Gradebook

•œ        Choose Course

•œ        Under Reports on left choose Worksheet Report

•œ        Choose ID to print NONE

•œ        Add Column Headings and check the boxes (days of week, assignments, etc.)

•œ        Check Student Name at the bottom

•œ        Click Preview

•œ        File- Print



To Print a Roster

•œ        Log into iNow

•œ        Click on Classroom

•œ        Click on Roster

•œ        Click on a Class

•œ        Click on Course Roster under Reports

•œ        Under Report Type drag to Simple

•œ        Under ID to Print Choose NONE

•œ        Click on Preview

•œ        (You may need to maximize the screen if you have a Destination Computer)

•œ        Click on Print

•œ        Open PDF File

•œ        Go to File-Print







To Print a Homeroom

•œ        Select Students

•œ        Select Scheduling

•œ        Select Homerooms

•œ        Click on the Blue # that shows # of students in your Homeroom.

•œ        Select Print Screen


To Print an Individual Progress Report

•œ        Go to Classroom

•œ        Go to Scores

•œ        Check the Box next to the Students name that you want a report for.

•œ        Click on Progress Report

•œ        Check Period Attendance (You can individualize how you want your progress report to look)

•œ        Check Total Points     

•œ        Check Letter Grade

•œ        Click on Preview

•œ        Print


If iNow Lesson Plans are Required


Lesson Plans

•œ        Select Classroom

•œ        Choose a class

•œ        Choose Plan (At the top of the page)

•œ        Pick a date

•œ        Complete info at the top (Unit, Category, Activity Name, Assessment, Visible in Home Portal)

•œ        Total (Number of Items)   Weight Multiplier(1.0)   Weight Addition (0)

•œ        Click Add

•œ        Check - Create a lesson plan (at the bottom of the page)

•œ        Complete (Activities, Comments, Homework, Objectives and Resources)

•œ        All of these should probably be coded Private except homework,

•œ        Especially Comments)

•œ        Click OK


To Copy Lesson Plans

•œ        Go to Plan for Period

•œ        Go to Task

•œ        Copy Activities

•œ        Select course to copy from

•œ        Check Box for Lesson Plan

•œ        OK

•œ        Check Week View







iNow Lesson Plans to a PDF File

•œ        From the left menu:

•œ        Choose "Gradebook"

•œ        Select the class you would like to send plans for

•œ        Under Reports select Lesson Plan

•œ        Choose the start and ending date - include Activities

•œ        From the pull down menu choose "Public and Private"

•œ        Under "Format" at the bottom choose (Acrobat "PDF" file)

•œ        Once "Standards" are loaded, you will also need to select "Standards"

•œ        Select Preview

•œ        A PDF file will open


To Add a Lesson Plan for Next Quarter

•œ        Go to Classroom

•œ        At the top left of the screen - go to Grading Period

•œ        Drag down to 2nd Nine Weeks

•œ        Click Refresh (This will not work unless you click refresh).

•œ        Proceed with normal lesson plan procedures.

•œ        To return to the prior 9 weeks, go back to classroom

•œ        Under Grading Period (Drag down to 1st Nine Weeks)

•œ        Click Refresh


To Copy Lesson Plans from the First Semester to the Second Semester

•œ        Go to Classroom in iNow

•œ        Under Grading Period - Drag to 3rd 9 Weeks

•œ        Click Refresh

•œ        Go to the class that you want to copy to

•œ        Go to Plan

•œ        Under Task on the left side, Click Copy Activities

•œ        Select the class section that you want to copy from

•œ        Pick the dates to be copied

•œ        Click OK


Grading Period Activities


To Add Comments for your Report Cards

•œ        Under the classroom tab, click grades

•œ        Choose your course and open that course

•œ        Click on the blue student number that you want a comment for

•œ        You will see a box that says Comment 1

•œ        You will have a pull down menu to select a comment

•œ        If you wish to "cycle" through everyone to add a comment, click the box to select everyone (1) and then (2) CLICK "view" on the right side.

•œ        Clicking OK will move you forward to the next student.






To Post Grades

•œ        From Classroom

•œ        Go to the Manage Tab

•œ        Click Post Grades

•œ        Then click OK (You will get no other box asking if you are sure or anything).


To see posted Grades

•œ        Go to the Classroom tab

•œ        Click on Grades

•œ        Change to the 9 weeks that you want to see (Click Refresh)

•œ        Click on the class that you posted



Add Resource Teacher

•·        Scheduling

•·        Search Teacher by last name

•·        Choose course

•·        Click on the blue Teacher

•·        Click the blue Add button

•·        Search for Resource teacher




Print one permanent record label


•·        Students

•·        Student Filters

•·        select One student (private)/type in students name/click ok

•·        Students/Records/Permanent Record Label/on Student Filter - click on "One Student" marked private/and depending on which label you want that to print on - type in a number on the "number to skip" box. Example: If I want one to print on the 2nd label on a sheet - type in a 1 in the "number to skip" box - this will skip the first label and print it on the second label. Then click ok.

School Supplies

The mission of the Tallassee City School District is to provide a quality education, providing the basis for students to become life-long learners as well as moral, ethical, and compassionate people. A partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the communities in which they live.