Greetings from the child nutrition program,

Thank you for trusting us to provide for the nutritional needs of your children. We have the great responsibility of serving meals that promote a lifetime of healthful choices. The United States Department of Agriculture administers the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. As such, school meals must comply with recommendations outlined in The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, for example:

  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake
  • Offer a variety of vegetables especially dark green and red/orange, beans and peas
  • Increase whole grain intake

Scientific research has shown nutrient dense foods contribute to proper growth and development. Calorie laden foods, on the other hand, are linked to weight gain and chronic health conditions. Although we cannot always offer popular fast foods, our mission at TCS is to offer healthful choices from a variety of foods sources that taste good. This year will be like none any of us have experienced before. We have put procedures in place to ensure as much contactless service as possible i.e., limited choices, grab n go service, no payments in the serving line. We remain committed to providing quality meals to our students in spite of the uncertainties ahead. 

We have a couple of online services that will help make this school year easier for you. Our online meal application at myschoolapps.com is available 24/7 if you think you might qualify for free or reduced price meals. Don't stress on whether you sent lunch money. Myschoolbucks is an online payment service that is an easy and convenient way to ensure your child has funds in his/her account. This is a fee based service. Visit myschoolbucks.com for more information.

Finally, let me welcome you back to another school year! As you take on the expanded role of parent/teacher, allow us to fill in the gap by providing affordable, nutritious meals for your children!!

Best wishes for an outstanding year,

Loria Hunter
Child Nutrition Program Director