THS Media Specialist: Hollis Bosch

7:25 - 8:05 a.m. - Students get absentee slips/tardy passes from Library
8:05 a.m. - Students report to the Office for Slips

iPad Procedure: Should you have any problems with your iPad, please report the problems to Mrs. Bosch in the THS Media Center. Once an assessment is made; instructions will given on an individual basis.


The THS Media Center is essential to the teaching and learning activities of the school. It provides the instructional and learning resources necessary to the school’s educational goals and objectives. The responsibilities of the media program include giving assistance to the curricular needs of the students and the faculty, supporting other interests which may have been stimulated by the instructional program, and developing productive use of leisure time. All aspects of the Library Bill of Rights should be considered when changing or adding new objectives.