Tallassee High School PRINCIPAL

Dear Parents and Students,

It is with great honor and pride that I welcome you to Tallassee High School (THS) for the 2020-2021 school year! Our goal as faculty and staff at THS is to provide the finest education, atmosphere, climate and culture our school system has ever seen. We will work tirelessly, with the most humble attitudes possible to serve each student enrolled at THS.

As principal at Tallassee High School, I want to carry on the rich tradition of academic excellence, family, honor and success, which has been prevalent here for many years. My goal is to create an "Above the Bar" mentality with our students, teachers, support staff, etc. where the atmosphere is such that we are not satisfied with the status quo, but we all strive for greatness. I pledge to each parent and student that all decisions made will be made with the best interest of the students in mind. I am very excited to be your principal and I want each of you to know my door is always open.

This handbook is designed to provide students and parents with information and guidelines to follow so we may create as much structure for our students as possible. Please read this book and feel free to ask questions.

I am looking forward to having a great school year! Let’s show our TIGER PRIDE each and every day. It’s a great time to be a Tallassee Tiger.


Chet Stewart