Welcome to the Tallassee High School Spanish Club Web Page!

The purpose of the THS Spanish Club is to promote a better understanding and awareness of Hispanic culture and to encourage good citizenship through various activities during the year. The club raises funds to help provide materials for the study of foreign language and to purchase books and Hispanic information for the library and the classroom. To encourage good citizenship and service to the community the club makes treats and thank you cards for the teachers of THS. The club also buys each student enrolled in Spanish a birthday pencil that says "Feliz Cumpleaños" and gives a pencil with a Spanish saying on it to the staff and faculty during Teacher Appreciation Week. The club hosts the induction for the new members of the National Spanish Honor Society in the spring.

Students must be enrolled in Spanish for the first or second term or have completed two years of Spanish to be eligible for membership. Dues are $20.00 per year. Members who are not in good academic standing will not be able to participate in any activity that would cause them to miss any class time or take away from their study time.