Artists in the Making
Artists in the Making
Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Students at Tallassee Elementary School explore a wide variety of art mediums and artists from all over the world as well as create their own artistic ideas and artwork.

Students can integrate and retain what they are learning in all areas when they have opportunities to create relevant artifacts. For example, when studying geometric shapes, students illustrated various architecture that contained geometric shapes. In the content area of science, students made models of a flower to better understand each of its parts.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to attend after school art sessions with Mrs. Battles. In these make and take sessions, students complete specific art projects geared toward their grade level. For example, fourth grade created a chalk pastel mandala. A mandala design was drawn with pencil on a 12X12 black piece of paper. The pencil design was traced with liquid glue and then given time to dry. Students used chalk pastels to color inside the mandala designs. It was a lovely project that they were able to take home with them that day.