The Tallassee City Board of Education believes that good grooming and personal appearance are essential elements in the teaching and learning processes. Therefore, it is expected that students dress in such a manner that will ensure health and safety, and not detract from the learning environment. Furthermore, dress and personal appearance are not to be disruptive or interfere with the educational interest and welfare of the students or the purposes of public school education.

Students should comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Shoes or sandals must be worn.

  2. Hair must be clean and well groomed, not in the eyes, and not of length dangerous around equipment.

  3. Clothing or paraphernalia related to or associated with gang affiliation or activity is prohibited. Clothing with pictures, symbols, or writing conveying a general or personal message rather than a specific message on a public matter is prohibited.

  4. With approval of the principal, activity sponsors may establish different rules for dress and grooming as a prerequisite for membership and participation in specific activities.

  5. Hats, head wear or head coverings, and sunglasses are not to be worn inside school buildings.

  6. Facial piercings are limited to the ear.

  7. Shirts must have sleeves.

  8. Traditional pants, shorts, or skirts that cover to the knee are appropriate. Pajama pants, gym shorts, and sweat pants are not allowed.

Any students violating the dress code may be suspended for the remainder of the school day and may receive unexcused absences in the classes missed. The principal or his/her designated person(s) has the authority to determine inappropriate dress.

Repeat offenders are subject to further disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the principal/designee.