Welcome to the Business and Finance website. My name is Jennifer Hornsby and I am the Chief School Finance Officer for the Tallassee City Schools . I graduated from Tallassee High School in 1995. I received a Bachelor's degree from Troy University in Montgomery in 2000. I currently reside in Tallassee with my husband, Clint. We have two precious children, Carly and Cason.

Tallassee City Schools has a strong financial background. We strive to be responsible and accountable when dealing with school finances. We are here for the staff and students and we work hard to meet the needs of each one. We take great pride in our system which is reflected in the everyday financial transactions.

On this site you will find monthly financial statements. A copy of the annual audit report is on file at the Central Office. You can request a copy be emailing me or contacting the office. If additional information is needed please contact me by phone or email.

I enjoy working with the staff of Tallassee City Schools. I look forward to a promising future for our staff and students.

Jennifer Hornsby, CSFO