How can I obtain a Free and Reduced Lunch Application?
You may access the free and reduced price application using one of the following options:

The information obtained through the free and reduced lunch application is completely confidential.

How much do meals costs?
All student meals are subsidized by the Federal Government. Federal Law prohibits Child Nutrition Programs from allowing charged meals. Parents are encouraged to prepay for their children's meals. Payments may be made weekly, monthly or quarterly. Any money paid will remain in your child's account until they use it.

Meals at Tallassee City Schools are:

  • Full Pay students pay: $2.00 for Breakfast | $2.95 for Lunch.

  • Reduced students pay: $.30 for Breakfast | $.40 for Lunch.

  • Free students pay: $ 0 for Breakfast | $0 for Lunch.

  • All Staff pay: $ 2.35 for Breakfast | $3.65 for Lunch.

  • All Visitors pay: $ 2.65 for Breakfast | $3.95 for Lunch.

If I move or my child's lunch status changes, how can I request a refund of prepaid lunch funds?
You may request a refund by completing a 
Request for Refund for Prepaid Meals form.