Work Begins on New THS Building!

As many might have seen, the Tallassee High School project phase II is underway. Nearen Construction, LLC began work on the site on Monday, Nov. 16th. Earth moving equipment was on site and removing topsoil to start undercutting the soil layers. They’ll move in ~ 5ft of base material to the front of the site to get that area close to a final elevation. Next they will bring the area beside the Ag. Shop into a level state with base and binder to be used as a laydown yard for building materials.

While the actual construction is underway, the TCS board and other school faculty have formed a décor-committee to select colors, furniture, and other materials for the new media center and auditorium. Color selections for brick matches and other interior design elements are soon to come. Thank you to all have made this a reality for our students, staff, community!

I’d like to remind all parents that our new construction traffic pattern will begin on Monday. Please see the graphic at