In light of recent surges in Covid-19 the TCS administration is making some adjustments. Please READ CAREFULLY the following. Also, please understand that this is not a decision that I, administrators, nor the TCS Board have taken lightly; yet, we feel it is necessary to keep our students and staff safe while providing sound educational practices and facilities.

 Plan for Dec 15th- Jan 3rd

1) ALL extracurricular activities will be suspended until Jan 4th. There will be no practices, games, gatherings etc.… on TCS owned facilities.

2) All recreation league events scheduled in our facilities will be suspended through Jan. 3rd.

3) December the 21st and 22nd will now be virtual days for TES and SMS students.

4) All THS students are now virtual until Jan 4th. 

 5) TES will keep extended day open through December 18th.

 6) The SMS and THS music concerts have been canceled. 

7) With a rise in Covid-19 cases in our community, TCS will excuse any student who chooses not to attend in-person through Friday. Please email your child’s teacher and let them know if he/she will not be attending in-person. Your school’s administration/teachers will be in contact regarding virtual assignments. SMS and TES will remain open for those that want to attend in-person through Friday. Dec. 21-22 will be virtual for all students.

 Jan 4th- Jan 18th, 2021

 1) TCS will return to our A/B rotation on Jan 4th with A group attending on that day and B group being virtual. B group will return to school on Jan 5th. We will continue this routine through the Lee/King Holiday. All students will return on Tuesday Jan 19th to their respective campus.

 *The TCS administration will monitor cases and conditions during the rotational days.  IF the data supports an extension to the rotation, that decision will be made accordingly and with enough notice for all parents and staff to plan.  Your school administration will be in contact to let you know what group, A or B, your students will be assigned in. They will work hard, as before, to allow families to attend on the same day. If you have any issue please contact your student's school prior to January 4th. 


Brock Nolin, Ph.D.


Tallassee City Schools