Tallassee City Schools Staff Receive Covid-19 vaccination from Community Hospital

Recently, A news story posted about a nearby school system getting Covid-19 vaccinations for their staff. I was a very concerned that our system had missed the boat while waiting on the state to push out vaccinations.

I was, in fact, so concerned that I reached out to Community Hospital to see if they may be able to make the vaccination available for Tallassee City Schools staff.

I’m happy to say that Community Hospital came through for Tallassee City Schools!

All TCS staff were given the opportunity for the first vaccination. Those that opted for the vaccination were given the injection Jan. 20th in a clinic held by Community Hospital staff.

Having the vaccination is imperative for our staff. As you may hear, read, or even experienced, the virus is much worse in the older population in many cases. I’ve seen that in-person with some of our more seasoned staff having difficulty while the younger population recovers more quickly. While that sounds predictable, this virus has proven over and over that it is anything but predictable!  

 Having our staff protected is vitally important in facilitating our student’s movement forward in their educational journey. How? No staff… no school… no school… no learning. One begets the other.

Hopefully, the vaccination will be readily available to all soon and all population segments will enjoy some peace-of-mind and protection.

The sooner we can get back to full face-to-face learning and put these COVID Days behind us the better.

I’d like to send a special thank you to Beth Nelson, Tallassee City Schools Lead Nurse,

and the following staff of Community Hospital:

Lee Greer, CFO

Jennie R. Rhinehart, CEO

Stacey McClain, RN

Tammy Ingram, RN

Jan Bianchi, MT, ASCP

Ella Robertson, RN 

Ruth Robertson, RN (retired) 

Dana Walters, RN 

Becky Carroll, RN 

Cheryl Jones, LICMSW

Tabitha Potts, CNA

Sabrina Murphy, CNA 

Erin Eckstein, HR