Southside Middle School’s Christy Nelson has been named Tallassee City Schools Teacher of the year! Mrs. Nelson was selected by a committee of peers to represent TCS in the state teacher of the year competition. Her application was forward to the state for consideration of this award. The state award will be announced in May of this year. Below is a brief biography.

Christina Nelson is a sixth grade Science teacher at Southside Middle School.  She began her career in 1994 teaching fourth graders in the Phenix City School System.  Phenix City is the system which allowed her to get her feet wet and learn what it meant to be an effective teacher. Thanks to mentor teachers and administrators, Mrs. Nelson was able to grow as a new teacher. After 5 years in the Phenix City school district, Mrs. Nelson found a new fourth grade classroom to call home at Smith Station Intermediate School. While at Smith Station, Mrs. Nelson was able to learn how to teach small groups as well as large group instruction and how to differentiate instruction.  In 2004, Mrs. Nelson transferred to Beauregard Elementary to begin a new journey.  This journey would entail teaching the most amazing second graders ever. This was a learning experience for both Mrs. Nelson and her students. In 2008, Mrs. Nelson and her family made the decision to move to Tallassee. She began teaching sixth grade and over the course of the years has taught Reading, English, Spelling, History and Science. She is currently working on her National Stem Certification and teaches sixth grade Science at SMS.