8:00-12:00 SMS GYM

Enter through the main entrance (car drop off) and exit out the gym doors towards the parking lot as soon as the ceremony concludes. We ask that all parents remain outside and we will let everyone in when the gym clears out from the previous group. The 1st group will not be allowed to enter the building until 7:50.

2 guest per student

5TH Lisa Austin 8:00

5TH Elicia O'Rear 8:00

5TH Heather Burton 8:30

5TH Daiann Hughes 8:30

6TH Christy Nelson 9:00

6TH Erin Smith 9:00

6TH Krystal Payne 9:00

6TH Kristi Whitaker 9:30

6TH Jacob Gibson 9:30

7TH Jermanda Cliett 10:00

7TH Rebecca Howard 10:00

7TH Alfonzo Johnson 10:00

7TH Whitney Patterson 10:30

7TH Melissa Smith 10:30