New Traffic Pattern Ahead

THS Traffic Pattern for 2021-2022

Tallassee High School's campus is changing rapidly. This is exciting, but it requires flexibility from all of us. The traffic pattern for entering and exiting campus will be different this year when compared to last school year. Labeled maps are included below.

The only entrance to the back side of campus will be via Grimes Street. This route will be one way, and the exit will be between the Annex building and CVS. Please note this change.

Buses will still drop off and pick up in the front lane of THS, along Barnett Blvd.

Car riders will still drop off and pick up in the car rider lane in the new parking lot on the east side of campus. The only entrance into this parking lot will be from King Street. Students will exit this parking lot by the King Street exit, and the car rider lane will exit to Barnett Blvd. This has not changed from last school year.

Thank you for your patience as we work toward our new facility!

View from the East side of campus looking West:

Please note footpath connecting the East parking lot to the back side of campus as well as the footpath connecting the front of campus to central campus.

Another view of the one way traffic pattern along the back side of campus: