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Tallassee City Schools: Article
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Tallassee City Schools


 1. Valid teacher’s license with appropriate endorsement(s);

2. Strong written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal skills;

3. Basic understanding of and skill with computer technology;


 Essential Duties and Responsibilities

 This employee is responsible for implementing an educational program for students, who because of serious illness, accidents, and other justifiable conditions are unable to attend regular school.


1. Consult and collaborate with parents and teachers of homebound students. The classroom teachers will give the homebound teacher a copy of student’s class schedule with parent’s name, address, and phone number.

2. Homebound teacher will contact parent in regards to date and time of services to be started.

3. The homebound teacher will receive books, assignments, and other teaching materials from the classroom teacher. A meeting may be scheduled with teachers or a contract may be established to determine grading and other procedures.

4. The homebound teacher will be responsible for one-on-one instructions and assisting the student where needed for completion of assignments.

5. The homebound teacher will return all completed assignments to the classroom teacher.

6. The homebound teacher will be responsible for notifying the teacher that additional assignments are needed. Contact teacher through visits or e-mail.

7. Maintain accurate records and provide students and parents with feedback on completed assignments.

8. From a given starting point, the homebound teacher will keep a daily log of student contacts and mileage to and from the student’s home.                                                                                                                                                 

9.  Submit time sheet with a record of student attendance and mileage to the Special Education Coordinator on a monthly basis.

10.  Once the student returns to school, the homebound teacher will return books and materials to the classroom teacher.

11.  Other related duties as assigned.



APPLY TO: Tallassee City Board of Education  308 King Street  Tallassee, Al 36078  334-283-6864

                or online at Teach in Alabama