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A Message from Mr. Wade Shipman, Superintendent of Schools
Wade Shipman, Superintendent of Schools
Wade Shipman, Superintendent of Schools

New Board Members

At the end of the summer, Tallassee voters cast their ballots for new community leaders. We have a new mayor in Mayor Johnny Hammock, as well as several new city councilmen (and woman). I would hope that as a community we would wish them well and look forward to new ideas and leadership. For those outgoing leaders I would like to thank them for their contributions towards improving Tallassee.

We have several board of education members who are no longer be on the Tallassee Board of Education. I would like to give a tribute to those who will not be part of the Tallassee BOE and welcome new members. I will start with the longest serving BOE member, Danny Ingram. Mr. Ingram has served our BOE through District 1 for the past 16 years. Mr. Ingram has been a past president of the board. Mr. Ingram has been very supportive of the expansion of our Career Readiness programs. Thank you for your service Mr. Ingram.

Dr. Steve Burak, was elected from District 7 and has served on the BOE for 12 years. Many of those years Dr. Burak represented our board as its president. Dr. Burak has had a passion for our music programs and all academic areas. Thank you, Dr. Burak for your service. Mr. Damain Carr served for 8 years from District 3 and Mr. Chris Price served 4 years from District 2. Mr. Carr and Mr. Price have both been very supportive of the renovations going on at Southside to the baseball and softball facility. Thank you, Mr. Carr and Mr. Price for your service.

Altogether the Tallassee Board of Education has lost 40 years worth of board of education experience. This is valuable experience that has benefited our system and will surely be missed. These are not a paid positions and at times difficult decisions have had to be made. Once again, thank you, for your service to our community.

New members to the Tallassee Board of Education include Ms. Lacie Brewer, Mr. Don Bryant, Mrs.Jennifer Jelks, and Mrs. Kami Scarborough. Thank you, for your commitment to serve the Tallassee community to make the best decisions for our children. I am hopeful that we will remember the well known quote from AESOP that says, ‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’ Best wishes to our new public servants.

The mission of the Tallassee City School District is to provide a quality education, providing the basis for students to become life-long learners as well as moral, ethical, and compassionate people. A partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the communities in which they live.