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A Message from Mr. Wade Shipman, Superintendent of Schools
Wade Shipman, Superintendent of Schools
Wade Shipman, Superintendent of Schools

No Tunnel Vision – Setting Priorities

During my time as Superintendent I have spoken about what things I believe are most important to our school system. Safety is always at the top of the list followed by increasing our academic expectations and improving facilities in our system. These are certainly key priorities for us, but sometimes the thought is that if you are improving the athletic facilities or playgrounds, then we are ignoring other needs in our system like academics or band and choir. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are fortunate to be able to work on multiple aspects of our system at the same time.

Our academic priorities and accomplishments sometime go unnoticed. Let me share what we are doing to improve our system academically. Every year each of our schools develop a Continuous Improvement Plan that sets several academic goals for our schools to work towards achieving during the upcoming school year. These goals are usually focused on math or reading and are established by using test score data from our ACT ASPIRE results in grades 3-8, and 10. Every year we reassess these goals and set new ones to drive our classroom instructional decisions. In the last two years we have implemented a new reading program called Reading Horizon and have been very happy with the results. Reading Horizon’s is a direct instruction, reading intervention program and is being used in grades K-12.

We have implemented a one to one technology initiative in grades 5-12. Most recently, the 5-8 implementation of this program has been accomplished this school year. We are constantly reviewing this initiative to continue improving its impact. We are looking for learning gains. This past year we re-directed a teaching position from Tallassee High School (Mrs. Brooke Barron) into an Instructional Coach assigned to both Tallassee High School and Southside Middle School to help teacher’s better use technology as an instructional tool in their classrooms. This has been a very ‘popular’ initiative however we hope the best has yet to come as we make improvements. Our ‘new’ career center is near its completion, where numerous dual enrollment classes will be available to our students. Our state standards are aimed at making our students college and career ready.

We are making progress with our academic goals in our system. Our goal is to make progress every year in all of our schools. We have established our vision and are prioritizing resources accordingly. We do not have tunnel vision, only focusing on one area of our system at a time. We are able to focus on academics, athletics, and music all at the same time. My hope is that we can give all of our children the resources they need to be successful, no matter what path they choose to follow. 

The mission of the Tallassee City School District is to provide a quality education, providing the basis for students to become life-long learners as well as moral, ethical, and compassionate people. A partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the communities in which they live.