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Purple Ambassador Information
Tallassee Elementary School
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Posted On: Friday, August 28, 2015

Purple Ambassadors

The Purple Ambassadors is a 4th grade Honor Society. The ambassadors consist of students maintaining high academic excellence in all areas. This group of students exhibit their academic skills, good character & willingness to serve others within our community.

The purpose of the Purple Ambassadors is to produce lifelong community members. The experience of being a Purple Ambassador should motivate the students to want to do more for others.  Purple Ambassadors are a symbol of honor in our school.  Several Purple Ambassadors have wanted to be a part of the honor society since 2nd Grade. This is a launching pad for a well rounded student who wants to achieve greatness.

In order to be a Purple Ambassador, you must maintain all A’s including conduct each nine week period.  Also, office or bus referrals are not allowed to remain a Purple Ambassador.

The Purple Ambassadors have a meaningful role at Tallassee Elementary School.  They are hall monitors, lunchroom helpers, peer tutors, office helpers, morning announcers & new student orientation. 

Brief Description of Each Duty:

v  Hall Monitors- Purple Ambassadors make sure students are in a line & quiet. Also, if students need help finding a class.

v  Lunchroom Helpers- Purple Ambassadors help younger students open cartons of milk. Also, they help students get in the correct serving line.

v  Peer Tutors- Purple Ambassadors read to Kindergarten & 1st grade classroom during their morning work time.

v  Office Helpers- Purple Ambassadors help put away mail. Also, they deliver notes from the office.

v  Morning Announcers- Purple Ambassadors announce activities taking place at TES for the day. They help lead Pledge of Allegiance.

v  Student Orientation- Purple Ambassadors walk new students & parents to class to meet the teacher.

Although Purple Ambassadors are leaders in academic excellence, we strive for greatness in all areas.  The Purple Ambassadors are required to complete 4 hours of volunteer service. Upon completion, they must get a letter from the organization/person they provided the volunteer hours.  The students must complete 4 hours, but they are welcome to do more.  The volunteer service allows students to experience fulfillment in giving back to the community.

The mission of the Tallassee City School District is to provide a quality education, providing the basis for students to become life-long learners as well as moral, ethical, and compassionate people. A partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the communities in which they live.