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Employee Dress Code

Tallassee City Schools

Employee Dress Code


It is important for all employees to project a positive and professional image by being well groomed, neat, and dressed appropriately at school. The TCSchools dress code is outlined below.


What to wear: slacks, dress shirts, ties, khakis, golf shirts, blazers, dresses/skirts (knee length), blouses, pant suits, and business shoes, tennis shoes, or sandal like shoes with arch supports.


What not to wear: revealing or tight fitting attire, ragged attire, denim jeans, cut-offs, shorts (PE teachers may wear appropriate shorts), sweat shirts, backless dresses/shirts, tank tops, flip-flops (that you would wear at a pool, or on the beach), “croc” like shoes with holes in the top, or beach shoes. In the event of a disagreement, the administration will have the final say on the appropriateness of any questionable attire.


Field Trips: all adults may wear matching Tee Shirts if it is a class tee shirt to help students identify the adults in their group. Depending on the nature of the field trip, the school administration has the authority to authorize other appropriate attire.


Special Circumstances: the administration recognizes that there may be special circumstances requiring slight adjustments to the dress code. Such circumstances require prior approval by the building level administration. For example; alternate footwear may be approved for medical circumstances. Exceptions may be made for certain teaching positions such as physical education. However, any exception should still adhere to the guidelines to dress professionally. Appropriate dress for holidays during the school year may include seasonal themes, but must be approved by school administration.


School Colors: it is appropriate to wear school colors on any day. However, the attire must be in line with the dress code.


Friday Dress: Fridays are not designated as casual dress days. However, school administrators may make exceptions to the dress code for special occasions as may be designated during the school year.


The administration is confident that each employee will use good judgment in following this policy. This is not an all inclusive list; thus, administrators have the final say in determining the appropriateness of specific articles of clothing. A rule of thumb – if one is unsure an article of clothing is acceptable, most likely it is not. In other words, if in doubt, do not wear it. Administrators are expected to conference with persons violating this policy on appropriate dress, document conference, and place pertinent information in personnel file.


This Dress Code may be amended at any time by the superintendent or his/her designee.


Kenneth Varner


The mission of the Tallassee City School District is to provide a quality education, providing the basis for students to become life-long learners as well as moral, ethical, and compassionate people. A partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the communities in which they live.